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1st lesson free !

29 years old Yin Yoga & Meditation teacher from the Netherlands living in Melbourne ( Individual I Medical I Groups )

For me yoga means giving attention and kindness to your mind, body and soul. In my classes I trie to close of the outside world so one can pay attention to that what's happening inside their mind and body. A safe environment, relaxing music, help were needed and breathing are important in my classes.

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Relaxation to Remedial, Safe and therapeutic, Gentle to Challenging - Yoga lessons always inspiring

Camille offers a Hatha Yoga style of teaching based on Siddha yoga, Anusara Yoga, Astanga and Iyengar training. She is also a Remedial massage therapist and a Massage trainer and assessor.  She continues to develop and specialize in her fields through experience, extensive research, colleagues, students and immeasurably intricate and 'mostly' good natured clients.

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Yogi with 7 years experience & Byron Bay certified level 1 Purna yoga teacher

i plan lessons based on my students needs and goals. But for all my participants i make sure the take away is happy body and a happy mind. it is important to merge both with the true practise of yoga with rhythmic breathing with every asana.

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Hatha, Flow, Power, Vinyasa and Pre-Natal Yoga Instructor - 4 years experience

My classes are tailored around the requests of the students and the energy of the room. I always start with meditation and breath work and then work to get all parts of the body moving. My goal is to move the body, mind and soul.

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Passionate & highly experienced Yoga educator provides invaluable tutoring in North East border area.

I am a Yoga Teacher, a Mother and a student of life - I teach both individuals and small groups of students & I offer a strong Vinyasa Flow, a meditative Yin class, Pre natal Yoga and a slow flow class. I teach from the heart and I am approachable and adaptable to the clients in front of me while teaching.

Sunrise Beach
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Noosa Yoga Flow, unwind and enjoy a relaxing style by the sea

We flow in a sequence of asanas, each one designed to prepare your body for the next pose. In this way we relax and unwind tension and find our way to balance and peace. Guided meditations and music is incorporated into the class to inspire and deepen our yoga experience.

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Vibrant yoga teacher available to teach private yoga lessons catered to individual needs

I am an authentic teacher and can draw on traditions of sacred healing, using the five elements earth, fire, water, ether and air- as part of teaching oneness of inner-outer universe. Of course can also focus on purely yoga asanas on a physical aspect.

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Be your Authentic Self: Traditional Yoga with a Modern Understanding, Start Now!

I base my classes on my students. My Teacher said to teach what is inside me as it applies to the students. My preference then is to meet the students where they are and be able to introduce the idea of working to connect body breath and mind.

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I teach Yoga, barre and Pilates, I live in Byron bay region. And I am fully accredited 13 years teaching experience.

1 hour one on one training, including improving posture, flexibility, strength and relaxation at the end. I teach intuitively and.my philosophy is to help the client get all the benefits through movement, and obtain a calm mind through meditation.

Palm Beach
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Hatha & Yin Yoga teacher private and group sessions on the Gold Coast

My classes cater to the needs of my students and vary from a very slow and relaxing Yin style to an up beat, active Yang style Yoga including meditation and breathe work. I specialise in Pregnancy Yoga, Partner Yoga, Brain Yoga and traditional meditation techniques.

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RYT350 Yoga Instructor in Melbourne offering different styles and meditation. Available for both private and group classes.

My teaching method changes from class to class, as it is geared towards the theme of the class at the time and it also depends on what demographic I am teaching. Though meditation is always included in all of my teachings.

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Therapeutic Yoga shala- are you seeking relief for your health problems for years.?Try something you've never done before. At Glenhuntly Gunn reserve Saturday 7:30 to 8:30 am At CBD flagstaff garden d

My teaching method is totally based on case study. I focus on the lifestyle,eating habits,mental stage of individual. Based on that I plan selected yoga asana, meditation and diet chart to them.

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A Fitness Specialist with 10 years of experience in Fitness Industry teaches Yoga and Pilates to Fitness students.

My teaching method is a combination of theory and practical. However the nature of my lessons are more practical and hands on lessons. I take my students through a full fitness session depends on what their specific interest is. This takes for 1 hour of training so the students fully underestand how other clients feel in their body when performing the movements.

Darwin City
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Smile! express yourself, activate your mind and physical energy. Integral yoga at the wild Darwin ;)

My teaching methods are based on the experience I had in India with native teachers, mixed with the need of the moment. Hatha yoga techniques, integral yoga as a rediscovered essential being.

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Medication to both mind and body, re- transformation to the new ME

I usually like for an interactive class where it helps to build an link with the people who hear me. I prefer to have both practicals as well as lecture mode which can help the students to get more knowledge with asanas.

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Yoga for overall wellbeing, including all age group women and pregnant ladies

I teach Hata / Hatha, Restorative ,Relaxation and Release postures ( Yoga Chikitsa) , pregnancy yoga ,yoga nidra and breathing techniques with more refined ,authentic and realistic way of yoga . I also design the class based on my students need as every individual is different and practices need to personalized to optimize the benefit of yoga practices .

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Yoga expert (vinyasa flow) offering AMAZING custom yoga + meditation classes for fitness, anxiety management, positive life changes in greater Sydney area :)

I love crafting custom yoga experiences with clients based on their unique wants, physical/athletic/mental goals.

Brunswick West
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Yoga teaching, creative flows suitable for all levels, educated in prenatal yoga

I base my classes on the time of day, the weather / sessions, checking in with the students moods. A theme like a chakra or intention themed. using pranayama to settle in with the body and find connection to the breath and body.

Blue Knob
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Creative & fun Yoga classes for all levels and across a range of different styles

I work closely with my students to suit each individuals needs for their unique body and alter my classes for how a single/person or group of is feeling on each day/particular practice session.

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Experienced Yoga Teacher and Bodywork Therapist offering grounding, uplifting and nurturing classes

Being a bodywork therapist I have a strong emphasis on correct alignment and posture. My speciality is restorative yoga for chronic conditions and help manage stress, anxiety and depression. I can adapt my classes to any level and needs and love my flow yoga as much as my relaxation.

Port Kennedy
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Spiritual Dancer & Le'ocean Local Photographer with qualified professional diploma, captures life as timeless pieces of art from a raw & earthy perspective

My teaching methods include mindful stretching, movement patterns that flow through transitions, yoga practice- specializing in contraction & extension, deep stretching, routines, spiritual dance, movement mentality, soul flow & meditation. As well as reconnecting to the Earth and mother Gaia, through healing the mind, body, soul & spirit.

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Yoga will help you attain contentment and peace of mind in life and I am a certified yoga teacher from India, currently in Melbourne doing my masters from Victoria university.

I am priyanka from India, certified yoga teacher. I teach yoga for all age groups and my yoga classes not only includes Asanas but also includes the anatomy and philosophy of yoga. Meditation, yoga nidra, Asanas, correction of posture is included in my classes.

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Yoga for any age, also to recover your injuries. I have 5 years of experience in teaching yoga. I teach yoga with all my energy. Specially for your mental health. Do contact me.

My teaching methodology is always depends upon health,injuries,age etc. I make plan for yoga class according to need of client with their safety.

Ingle Farm
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Adelaide. Authentic Yoga Taught By Experienced Teacher. Asana, Pranayama, Dhyana, Sanskrit Mantras.

My Yoga sessions usually have a mix of sitting, standing, prone and supine asanas based on the group and its energy in that particular session with focus on breath and a guided Shavasana or Yoga Nidra with Om chanting at the end. I chant Mantras, so as to utilise the vibrational benefits for the participants and Pranayama is taught regularly too.

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Yoga teacher graduated from the International Atman Federation, I offer private lessons at home with individual method. Bologna area. € 30, first free lesson.

I offer lessons of an hour and a half, individual or in small groups, beginners, intermediate, advanced. Yoga is a real science that gives universal results that can be experienced by anyone. To regain or maintain physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual balance.

Luca matteo
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Yoga Integral Yogarmony Base lessons with Pranayama home-based concepts for everybody !!

I want to make the Yoga practice discover in a very simple, harmonious and engaging way. My is an open integration system, which I have also collected from disciplines such as Dance Contact Improvisation, Tai Chi Martial Arts and Motorial Sciences, where biomechanical and kinetic aspects are being studied more and more closely. Together we will study them with practice.

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Hatha Yoga certified instructor, group classes and home. Communes of Ñuñoa, Providencia, Vitacura and Las Condes

My teaching method is based on the model of the Academia Chile de Yoga, in which the class is started with a brief invocation, then the bulk of the class based on asanas, either dynamic or aligned according to the focus of the class and then a relaxation, to continue with a pranayama (breathing exercise) and a guided meditation and finally a practice closure.

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Graduate yoga and meditation teacher (French and English) in Strasbourg, offering group lessons at Yogdeepam, at your house (own vehicule) or at home

In my classes, I like to make my students live an experience, an introspective moment of compassionate presence with themselves. My goal is to inspire and open to the beautiful yogic philosophy and well-being.

San Andrés del Rabanedo
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Fascia Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga and Yoga for pregnant women in León. Studies completed in India.

Fascia Yoga uses asanas (yoga postures) that stimulate and help eliminate blockages in the myofascial meridians. This creates a balance in the internal organs and systems of the body. On the other hand, aromatherapy consists of the use of essential oils of medicinal plants to heal ailments whether physical or emotional.

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Perfect! Lo pasamos genial con Carlos! Super clase de yoga en el jardin, empazamos a la hora prevista con la sonrisa!

Mev, Student
11 months ago
(1 review)

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